Hello all, it’s Stephanie! We’re almost at the end of the year, but we’ve got more book lists, television news, and upcoming movie information to review. There’s also a bit of Twitter drama to take us into our holiday break. Read on to learn more about it!

Best Books of 2017 (Part Three/??)

Hard to believe, but somehow this year still has some more book lists: Entertainment Weekly‘s The Best in YA for 2017 list included The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, and Roxane Gay’s Hunger showed up on online journal Electric Literature’s list of 15 Best Nonfiction Books of 2017. Also included on Electric Literature’s list was writer and journalist Ta-nehisi Coates’ We Were Eight Years in Power, a collection of essays on President Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House and the white supremacist movement that grew in reaction to his presidency.

This Week on Book Twitter

Speaking of Coates, I’m sad to report that he left Twitter earlier this week after Harvard professor Dr. Cornell West criticized him in a Sunday article for The Guardian. The two have criticized each other’s sociopolitical views on blackness in America since about 2015, but this latest debate spilled onto Twitter and ended up attracting the attention of thousands of users… including white supremacist Richard Spencer, who sided with West. There’s been a lot to process in the fallout.

On a lighter note, Twitter was largely united against a Washington Post article that expressed surprise that famous author Jane Austen, who never married, could somehow write several popular books about love and eventual marriage. Below are some of the amusing responses:

The Latest Television and Movie Adaptations

On the acquisitions side, Paul Giamatti and Dan Carey’s production company Touchy Feely Films, in partnership with CBS Television Studios, recently acquired the rights to Thomas Mallon’s novel Watergate. Band of Brothers screenwriter Joh Orloff is set to adapt the screenplay and write for the political thriller.

Meanwhile, Netflix has acquired the right to John Scalzi’s Hugo Award-nominated novel Old Man’s War. Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment will produce this 2005 science fiction epic for whatever screen is being used to stream, with a slated release in May 2018.

Party Like You’re on Middle Earth

Finally, you all know how much I enjoy pairing a good book with a good snack. But what about some good wine? Wouldn’t it be cool to cozy up with a nice book and a glass of wine at the end of the day?

Fortunately, now you can drink up with a particularly geeky vintage. Starting this week you can buy the official brand of Lord of the Rings wine. There are four different flavors – a Gandalf Monterey County Pinot Noir, a Frodo Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel, a Galadriel Bordeaux Blanc (that’s a white, for our more casual alcohol connoisseurs), and an Aragorn Appellation Lussac -St. Émilion Contrôlée. However, there are only 6,000 bottles available for each flavor in this limited edition brand, so act fast. Anyone else hoping there will be a Hobbit line soon so that party elf-king Thranduil gets his own wine?

New Line/Lot18 Lord of the RIngs Wine. Image via Entertainment Weekly

New Line/Lot18 Lord of the RIngs Wine. Image via Entertainment Weekly

Happy Thursday, and Happy Holidays!