Author: Kirstie Summers

Lady Killers: The Women Who put Jack the Ripper to Shame

Lady Killers Tori Telfer Harper Collins Publishers October 10, 2017 A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Lady Killers is for anyone who treats themselves to the occasional morbid indulgence. It plugs a lot of the gaps traditionally left out of roundups of history’s most brutal murderers. The introduction does a very good job of explaining exactly why this book needed to be written, and it will ring true for anyone with a passing interest in the facts behind serial killers. Despite being at least as fascinating as their male counterparts, female...

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Superstition in Space: Mary Turzillo’s Mars Girls

Mars Girls Mary Turzillo Apex Publishing June 2017 A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Even for people who know little about her previous work, known for its exploration of the potential of humanity on Mars, it is easy to fall into the society Mary Turzillo has created in her new novel Mars Girls. It tells the story of two girls, both born and raised on Mars, who find themselves caught up in the struggle between science and superstition. As some unsatisfied Martians wish to return to Earth and others want to...

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The Original Mars Girl: Mary Turzillo on Exploring Humanity’s Future on Mars

A pioneer of science fiction writing, Mary Turzillo has been winning awards for her writing for almost twenty years. She has been writing about science fiction academically for most of her career, having published a number of critiques and guides over the years. This background has led to some wildly popular fiction. Her latest book, Mars Girls, came out this month. It tells the story of two teenage girls born and raised on Mars. When one of them finds her home ransacked and her parents missing, they are both dragged into a conspiracy that could leave them frozen in...

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